Sustainable Eco Mens Clothing

It’s hard enough being a guy who has little time for shopping and even less time to consider what they really want. As a result a lot of men end up having a uniform that […]


Spanish Simplicity – Espadrilles

You cannot walk in a crowd in Spain or Italy for more than a minute without spotting the espadrille. Nothing suggest casual elegance more in a shoe, but is this a trend that will take […]


Aftershave for you AND your partner

Aftershaves have come along way since the first bottle of Aqua Velva hit the old apothecary designed to be an antiseptic alcohol rub to prevent infections from the many cuts you would have received using […]


Crocs. Something for everyone.

Crocs have been a chef’s special for over a decade and made famous by celebrity chef Mario Batali with his signature orange crocs he wore EVERYWHERE. Did you know that Crocs are more… way more […]


Summer time is trunks time

We are finally starting to see the easing of COVID restrictions and with more freedom comes more fun in the sun and that means it’s time to change your swimming trunks because you either want […]


Ray-Ban Celebrity Style

There’s a reason why a lot of people in hollywood were and are fans of a pair of Ray-Bans. They’ve been around forever. They’ve always been made with excellent craftsmanship and they have been the […]


Cufflinks? Like a Boss

Traditional. Formal. Old fashioned. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. There was a time when you wouldn’t own cufflinks and when you were confronted with that wedding or school formal you had to go out and get some […]


Backpacks for work, travel & play

Recently I found myself in the unenviable position to replace my work, but steady and trusted Targus backpack that seemed to have been with me for years and gone with me everywhere. I’ve become so […]


Summer Cap Blues

Summer is here and the time for caps to come out… not that your guys ever put them away. Stow away your beanies. We come from ‘Merica and ‘Merica means caps. It’s our national identity, […]


Walk the course with a pro

Do you ever find yourself looking at the shoes the top golfers are wearing and ask what’s the big deal? Why can’t I just wear my sneakers? They look good. feel great and let’s face […]