Sustainable Eco Mens Clothing

It’s hard enough being a guy who has little time for shopping and even less time to consider what they really want. As a result a lot of men end up having a uniform that […]


Spanish Simplicity – Espadrilles

You cannot walk in a crowd in Spain or Italy for more than a minute without spotting the espadrille. Nothing suggest casual elegance more in a shoe, but is this a trend that will take […]


Crocs. Something for everyone.

Crocs have been a chef’s special for over a decade and made famous by celebrity chef Mario Batali with his signature orange crocs he wore EVERYWHERE. Did you know that Crocs are more… way more […]


Summer time is trunks time

We are finally starting to see the easing of COVID restrictions and with more freedom comes more fun in the sun and that means it’s time to change your swimming trunks because you either want […]


Summer Cap Blues

Summer is here and the time for caps to come out… not that your guys ever put them away. Stow away your beanies. We come from ‘Merica and ‘Merica means caps. It’s our national identity, […]


The Big Style Sale – Amazon

We’ve had a bit of a look at around at some great deals. We’ve curated a small list below. Disclaimer… if you ultimately follow our links and purchase something we do get a commission. Amazon’s […]


Nike Men’s Yoga Collection

Yoga Gear for Men Nike’s new collection of yoga clothes for men are ideal for getting your chakra in balance. With a focus on comfort and style, there is so much to choose from, including […]


Secrets to successful thrift shopping

Long gone are the memories of seeing grandma sifting through crocheted handkerchiefs, sofa arm coasters and porcelain figurines in thrift store. Today you’re more likely to see hipsters, fashionistas and bargain hunters of all ages. […]


Slides style and ease this summer

Slides are everywhere! Worn by male and female alike. Slides are the perfect footwear for your beach, pool or spa outings. If you find the right slide you can wear then with just about anything… […]


Unexpected Fashion. Pandemic Wear

If you feel you just managing to keep ups with the do’s and don’ts of what to do during a pandemic then you were43 certainly not prepared to consider what to wear when you had […]