Big. Bold & Cold

Whats the perfect ice cube for a scotch or whisky or bourbon or whatever it is you like to sip in the evening… on your own… listening to some smooth jazz… and OK. My fantasy may not be yours, but you can’t deny ice in a drink is best when they are big and slow melting looks great as well.

Silicon molds are easy to come by now and ideal and the days of the hard plastic ice trays that made it impossible to get the cubes out without smashing it on the kitchen counter or break the thing bending it in half are gone.

EASY TO CLEAN & REUSABLE – These days giant ice cube trays are made of nontoxic and BPA-free Silicone to ensure absolute food security. They can be washed in the sink or dishwasher and reused many times.

MULTI USE – With a temperature range from -40°C to 230°C this silicone Ice Mold is not only great for cooling every kind of drink (juice, soft drinks, liquors as whiskey, Bourbon and more), but can double also as an accessory to get creative! Freezing chocolate, ice cream, baby food, soups, add flavours and more!

Other “COOL” ideas include 3D Skull Ice again made in silicon moulds. Creates detailed shapes of a skull. A great way to add some fun and aesthetic to your drinks when having friends over.

Thanks to the flexible design, ice cubes can easily be released.