Hand Sanitizer – Get Some Now

Hand sanitiser, among other health safety products have been as hard to find as a roll of toilet paper.  While the supermarket shelves are being cleared while they are being stocked luxury brands, like Aesop have been a great fallback, but it is more costly to use as your ten times a day hand soap. It hasn’t taken long for these high end sanitisers to become a rarity as well. Boutique skincare retailers have been asking a premium for their privilege. Some are resorting to homemade sanitisers and are raiding their liquor cabinet for the ingredients. Calm the farm people. 

Sanitiser alone isn’t a CoronaVirus defense. Washing your hands at least ten times a day. Wear a mask and disposable gloves when out in public… if you must leave your house. Abstaining from touching your face is becoming easier with practice and that’s most of the battle won there. Touching your eyes, nose or mouth is an absolute no-go zone. Up until we had to avoid touching our face we didn’t realise much of a reflex that has become. 

So, back to hand sanitiser. It’s not the only thing we can be doing, but an important part of your arsenal. 

S0, where do you get some?

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