Puffers! The New safety jacket

Enjoy your water-filled adventures to the fullest when you sport the PUFFERS Inflatable T-Shirt & Rash Guard. Featuring a four-layer air chamber design, this shirt easily inflates to help keep you afloat in the water even when you aren’t swimming. Whether you’re paddleboarding or going for a dip, each air chamber of this rash guard is ergonomically placed so it will never get in your way. PUFFERS PRO features a built-in hand pump for effortless inflation. Likewise PUFFERS JUNIOR has a mouthpiece for manual inflation. Along with easy inflation, deflation is just as easy. Plus, PUFFERS comes in a truly waterproof bag that you can use for your valuables while you’re on the water. In addition to flotation, PUFFERS provides UPF50 protection so you can have fun ion the sun without worry. Featuring fast-dry Lycra, PUFFERS is breathable and comfortable for all-day wear.

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