Unexpected Fashion. Pandemic Wear

If you feel you just managing to keep ups with the do’s and don’ts of what to do during a pandemic then you were43 certainly not prepared to consider what to wear when you had […]


Sock it to me

Once upon a time socks were nothing more than something you wore between your feet and your shoes. A protector layer. Brands focused on the practical aspects to advertise, such as socks that stay up, […]


Skateware Etiquette

Street culture is back. Just look at the rise of skate-wear into mainstream fashion should leave you without doubt. Prices have also had a sharp rise and it seems you can’t turn without seeing skaters […]


5 Top Sports Fashion Brands

Sports style for performance and the street have been a staple in the male wardrobe. Whether you have subtle or bold tastses all major sporting brands have included a something for everyone approach to their […]


Hand Sanitizer – Get Some Now

Hand sanitiser, among other health safety products have been as hard to find as a roll of toilet paper.  While the supermarket shelves are being cleared while they are being stocked luxury brands, like Aesop have been […]


Grooming The Down Under – Body Grooming Done Right

Ask your dad about body grooming and he’ll probably toss you a bottle of Old Spice. Times have changed, and today’s guys are demanding 21st century products to go with it. It’s not enough to keep […]


De-Briefing – How To Choose Underwear The Right Way

It’s not rocket science…okay, well, let’s agree to say it’s a different kind of rocket science. The point is, there is a right way to avoid certain kinds of chafing and general discomfort with your day to […]


Debunking the Myth Gift – Get A Gift She ACTUALLY Wants

Here at ShopLikeHim, we’re turning the tables a bit on what we’re calling the “Myth Gift” list – namely those tired, uninspiring and often undesired gifts that at best will get you a tepid “thanks” […]


News You Can Use – Top 6 News Apps for 2020

There was a time when up-to-date News was hard to come by. If you missed your morning newspaper, you had little option outside of the radio or the television, both of which were regimented to […]


10 Gift Items You’ll Actually Want This Holiday

The Holiday season is nearly on us, and if you’ve fallen victim to some less than stellar holiday gifts in the past, now is the time to take preventative action. Here at ShopLikeHim, we’ve got […]