Skateware Etiquette

Street culture is back. Just look at the rise of skate-wear into mainstream fashion should leave you without doubt. Prices have also had a sharp rise and it seems you can’t turn without seeing skaters who always seem to hang out in groups. 

Skater fashion has often been associated with the Seattle music scene. Thick pants to help with the gravel rash after a fall and hoods to prevent faces being caught on cameras when scratching up street furniture when practicing and filming their moves.

This means comfortable, practice and hardwiring fashion for the average punter.

Top 5 Key Skatewear Items

The Hoody

Don’t need to be a skater. Hood up or down is optional, but there’s no doubt it fashion at its most casual.


Combination of grip and hard wearing. Can you go past Vans as the most iconic skater brand… ever?


With big logos and signage. Casual meet statement


Indestructible. Comfort. Casual. Nuff said.


Form and function. Another opportunity to remain anonymous, display your brand preferences and cover up your laziness to comb your hair.