Slides style and ease this summer

Slides are everywhere! Worn by male and female alike. Slides are the perfect footwear for your beach, pool or spa outings.

If you find the right slide you can wear then with just about anything… even to your more formal and styling get togethers.

They’re quick to put on your on your feet. Super convenient and great for kids.

Sooo, when you’re getting out of bed, need to go the corner store or by the pool slides are ideal for your quick getaway.

Not all slides are equal. Some are your everyday choice of foot wear, while others will be the less shabby smart casual I’m heading to the friends BBQ pair.

What do you ned to look for when buying slides?

Comfort is priority and the first thing to consider. Factors include a thick sole to provide a more cushioned feel and is the top a natural or synthetic material. Leather breaths, but not always the ,most comfortable.

Slides can provide excellent arch Support to help with every kind of foot from flat to high arch. This is very important if you plan to be ion your slides all day.

Try and go for a slip-resistant sole. Sliding down the street or by the pool is never fun and while this is an open toed shoe there’s no pulling back once you start to slip.

AND of course the Style is key. Slides have had a bad wrap in the past. They don’t need to look like they don’t fit right or you bought them at the $2 shop.

Happy style and comfort 🙂