Sock it to me

Once upon a time socks were nothing more than something you wore between your feet and your shoes. A protector layer.

Brands focused on the practical aspects to advertise, such as socks that stay up, socks that improve blood circulation, socks that you could wear all day for improved comfort and now even socks that can be worn two to three times before needing to new washed.

These days it’s all about your personality. A statement. Now more than ever socks that were intended to simply blend the shoe with the pants are intended to stand out. Show some colour and show some personality.

Thankfully going are the days when this mean a Disney or Warner Bros cartoon character. Who can forget Martian Socks? I try to.

Tips for the modern day sock wearer

Go hard or go home. Be prepared to clash. Show color. Bold designs. Stripes.

Stand out from the crowd. Be noticed at work and always remember there’s only that small bit that will show between your shoes  and your pants so keep that in mind when shopping.