Stylish Sunglasses for Every Budget

Sunglasses are an essential piece of every man’s wardrobe regardless of the season. Not only are they a timeless piece of eyewear protection; a cool pair of shades enhances your look, expresses your individuality, and adds style to your wardrobe.

This season has showcased new hot styles, some with a futuristic twist, others with unexpected lens colors and shapes reminiscent of the nineties. Talk about retro! All of them are attention-grabbers in their own way.

Five major styles have been noteworthy:

  • New Wave with an innovative, bold, sharp angled, head-turning style
  • Nineties with unexpected shapes and lens colors that remind us of The Matrix
  • Modern Aviator lens with innovative updates and iconic shapes and colors that range from traditional dark green, to bright pop, to clear. Do we even need to say it…”talk to me, Goose”
  • Clubmasters (aka Browlines) with their iconic 50’s look
  • Wayfarers (aka “the one ring…ahem…FRAME, to rule them all”) with their classic polarized look but in new surprising shapes and half-rim lenses. Think Jeff Goldblum locked in a Sunglass Hut.

From Iconic looks and attention-grabbing shapes to affordable essentials, there’s a brand (and price tag) out there for you. We’ll show you 5 of this season’s hot styles from top tier ($200+), mid-range ($100-$200), and ‘it’s a steal’ prices (under $100).


Described as cool, attention grabbing, innovative, sleek, stylish, unisex and essential, New Wave sunglasses have been a hit this summer. If you are looking to play around with different and bold frame shapes, these sunglasses are for you.  These sunglasses are not just cool, they are head-turners.  There’s nothing subtle about them.

Here are our favorite New Wave sunglasses for this summer season.  Dare to wear them!  They will complete your look and turn heads as you walk down the street.

TOP END ($200+)

Prada, Black Rubberized Sunglasses $240.00

Balenciaga, Grey Cat-Eye Mask Sunglasses $525.00

Versace, Black Medusa Ares Visor Sunglasses $270.00

MID-RANGE ($100-$200)

Christian Dior Unisex Squared 58mm Sunglasses $109.99

Chopard Men’s Schb02M 68mm Sunglasses $149.99

VIU Yellow House of Dagmar Edition, The Hustler’ Sunglasses $185.00


MCM 55mm Angular Sunglasses $59.97

Polaroid, Polarized 99mm Shield Sunglasses $90.00

Foster Grant, Men’s Rectangular Frame Sunglasses $19.99


Nineties-inspired sunglasses are playful with surprising style and have been a hit this season. This throwback style has surprised us with unexpected shapes and lens colors.  We’ve seen everything from ultra-small lenses to futuristic wrap-around styles.  These styles are reminiscent of glasses worn by popular characters in The Matrix, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Trainspotting, among many others, and will have you asking: Blue pill?  Red Pill?

Here are our favorite Nineties sunglasses for this season.

TOP END ($200+)

Dior Homme, Silver & Yellow Dior Inclusion Sunglasses $500

Balenciaga, Men’s Shield Sunglasses $490

Eyevan 7285, Rose Gold 780 Sunglasses $400

MID-RANGE ($100 – $200)

Hans Kjobenhavn, Black Stable Matt Sunglasses $150

Oakley, Holbrook Polarized Sunglasses $170

Ray-Ban, Blue Hexagonal Evolve Sunglasses $185


Zenni Optical, Black Premium Round Sunglasses $56-$78 (depending on Prescription)

Nike, Verge 52mm Square Sunglasses $99

IRONMAN, Grey Rectangular Sunglasses $24.99


Aviator sunglasses are among the most popular type of sunglasses. These iconic beauties never go out of style, they look great on all mugs, and they complement most outfits. They truly are everyday wear

Business Insider describes Aviators as “arguably the most timeless, versatile, and distinctly American sunglasses you can own”. Quite an honor!

Traditionally, these sunglasses feature dark green lenses inside golden-colored frames with large, teardrop-shaped lens that cover the entire eye.  The Modern Aviator of this season has updated the classic look to include bright new colors (gold, blue, pink, orange, etc.).

Additionally, these are described as the best sunglasses for an oval shaped face.  The wide lenses complement this face shape well.  If your is face is oval, these sunglasses are for you!  If your face is not oval, these sunglasses are still for you!

Here are our favorite Modern Aviator sunglasses for this summer season.  Ray-ban, of course, is prominent on our list as they continue to lead in this style with affordable and attractive pieces.

TOP END ($200+)

Thom Browne, Black & White Gold TB800 Sunglasses $675

Dita, Silver Symeta Type 403 Sunglasses $800

Gucci, Tortoiseshell & Gold Aviator Sunglasses $505

MID-RANGE ($100 – $200)

Ray-Ban, Green & Gold Pilot Aviator Sunglasses $155

Tom Ford, Unisex Colin 58mm Sunglasses $179.99

Han Kjobenhavn, Silver Matte Plane Sunglasses $150


Warby Parker, Hatcher Sunglasses in Oak Barrel $95

Aeropostale, Hematite Navigator Sunglasses $24.50

GBG, G by Guess Top Bar Aviator Sunglasses $49.99


Inspired by the 50’s, Clubmaster sunglasses are vintage, timeless, and seasonless. These beauties never go out of style. This style is a true icon.

Business Insider has described this style as “one of the most iconic pieces of post-war Americana”.

Popularized by celebrities, artists, and historical figures, these sunglasses continue to be a hit this summer season. They look great on just about everyone and complement pretty much any outfit and any style. From an elegant and masculine look to a youngster chic look at Cochella or Burning Man, this style is flexible.

Here are our favorite Clubmaster sunglasses for this season:

TOP END ($200+)

Cutler And Gross, Black 1334-01 Sunglasses $480

Tom Ford, Black River Sunglasses $495

Issey Miyake Men, Transparent Blue Square III Sunglasses $580

MID-RANGE ($100 – $200)

Warby Parker, Ames Sunglasses in Jet Black $145

Ray-Ban, Tortoiseshell Clubmaster Sunglasses $155

Tom Ford, Unisex Oval 50mm Sunglasses $129.99


TOMS, Locke 56mm Brow Bar Sunglasses $29.98

Zenni Optical, Premium Browline Sunglasses $52-$74 (depending on prescription)

Aeropostale, Clubmax Matte Tortoiseshell Sunglasses $24.50


Originally designed by Ray-Ban in the 1950s, these iconic sunglasses drew popularity throughout the 1960s and 1970s and have enjoyed a significant revival in the millennium. While Ray-Ban is still an expert designer of this style, designers unaffiliated with Ray-Ban have been inspired to design their own versions in the 2000s.  This season showcases the classic polarized and rimless styles with new half rims, square and rectangular framed shapes.

These sunglasses are described as the best sunglasses for a rounded face.  Their square and rectangular styles complement this face shape well.

Here are our favorite Wayfarer sunglasses for this season.  From Gucci and Tom Ford at the top of the price range to the classic and updated style by Ray-ban, and to the “it’s a steal prices” by Aeropostale, you can’t go wrong with this style.  They all look great!

TOP END ($200+)

Visvim, Black Big Chief Sunglasses $785

Gucci, Polarized Square Acetate Sunglasses $420.00

Paul Smith, Transparent Austin V1 Sunglasses $330

MID-RANGE ($100 – $200)

RAEN, Black Pierce Sunglasses $135

Han Kjobenhavn, Black Brick Sunglasses $150

Prada, 58mm Square Sunglasses $119.97


Ray-Ban, 54mm Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses $79.97

Aeropostale, Contrast Mirrored Waymax Sunglasses $24.50

Fletcher, Black Matte Eclipse Sunglasses $95