Unexpected Fashion. Pandemic Wear

If you feel you just managing to keep ups with the do’s and don’ts of what to do during a pandemic then you were43 certainly not prepared to consider what to wear when you had to leave the house to try and find the last roll of toilet paper or canned anything.

Personal Protective items such as masks and gloves were hard to come by and to hope to look even remotely cool in whatever it is you manage to find was… well, just deal with it. BUT like with everything once we’re in the middle of it you start to get better at it and there was an emergence of home made mades designed for form and function. Why did we have to wear something that resembled a sani pad or a baby’s diaper. 

As we will be in this mess for a while clothing manufacturers are making the most of a bad situation and have started producing pandemic ware. Why not? A face mask takes up so much space on your face you may as well wear something that you like. Just make sure that what you wear also does the job it’s intended to do and protect you from COVID!!! Billie Eilish was seen wearing a Gucci mask, but was it safe?

We may as well get used to it. COVID is here for a while, so style during a pandemic is going to be a thing.